Our mission

We want to open a dialog between people and products.

What we're doing

We are building a community of people actively involved in the creation and feedback cycle of some of the most innovative products in the world.

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Vincent Sun
Vincent has an eclectic background in design, entrepreneurship, marketplaces, and venture capital. He previously worked on AliResearch at Alibaba Group, Community Expansion at Massdrop, Venture Investment at Seedchange, and the Deal team at Propel Venture Partners. Vincent is currently at UC Berkeley studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. You can find Vincent cooking steak sous-vide and tinkering with the latest tech gadgets.
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Michael Deng
Before Polymyr, Michael has worked as a software engineer for Uber's fraud team and Workday's fintech team. He was also a member of a data research team at UC Berkeley. He has a keen interest in impactful consumer tech and has worked on many projects of his own. Currently, Michael is completing his Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree at UC Berkeley. Outside of work, Michael enjoys playing volleyball and adventuring outdoors.

Our story

Polymyr was founded based on our experiences as tech gadget enthusiasts. We saw the consumer hardware market grow at an exponential rate; however, great teams building these great products had no effective channel to gather quality user feedback at scale. We identified that existing methods such as surveys could only go so far when their final destination is people’s inboxes.

At Polymyr, we’ve set out on a journey to create a marketplace where feedback is part of the purchasing experience. We see our community as not just consumers, but also true backers of the teams behind the products we curate.